The Earl of Hurl presents....

Mold Cam I - Night of the Living Strawberries

Someone in MTI Bldg. 10 upper left a couple of strawberries in the fridge. There was no date stamp on the package, but I estimate from its looks that they were purchased around the beginning of August 1996.

I discovered some interesting growth on it Sept. 8 1996.

On Sept. 17 1996, I decided to remove the strawberries from the fridge to a more controlled environment (my office). I focused the IndyCam on it and will take a snapshot once a day using a cron job. You can view the growth on this web page.

The experment was terminated on Oct 23 1996. Reason: mold is dead now from lack of nourishment. Lets have a moment of silence in remembrance. You may want to view images around the Sept 30 dates to see our friend in its heyday.

Check back again soon, we are designing a new experiment in mold growth. Our current plans are to to snap an image every 15 minutes and auto-generate a time-lapse video clip. If you have any comments, please e-mail me at Please note: there are still some buttons left, see the bottom of this page to get yours.

Picture taken Tue Oct 22 14:10:17 PDT 1996

Historical Snaps

Oct 22
Oct 21
Oct 18
Oct 17
Oct 16
Oct 15
Oct 14
Oct 11
Oct 10
Oct 9
Oct 8
Oct 7
Oct 4
Oct 3
Oct 2
Oct 1
Sep 30
Sep 27
Sep 26
Sep 25
Sep 24
Sep 23
Sep 20
Sep 19
Sep 18
Sep 17


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Inspired by SPAM cam.

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