Mold Cam II - The Incredible Shrinking Muffin

We have found more leftover food in the refrigerator in MTI Bldg. 10 upper. One such item was a head of lettuce, circa early Sept. 1996. It was so decayed it was liquified and looked more like soup. It was so disgusting I nearly hurled. I threw it out, it was not suitable for this experiment.

However I did find a package of Thomas' Sourdough English Muffins. On Oct. 25 1996 I began this second experiment for Mold-Cam. The muffin was carefully dissected and placed in my candy jar (a gift from the 1993 Christmas party). I focused the IndyCam on it and will take a snapshot once every hour using a cron job.

Once every day, the images are assembled into a movie file and placed on this page. The movie files play back at a nominal rate of 15 frames per second. At this rate we will collect approximately 2 seconds of video per day.

Note: Nov 4 1996: 10 days have elapsed and the muffin is basically a shrivelled piece of cement now. The cron has been disabled. Check the cool time lapse videos. It is 16 seconds long. Watch the explosive mold growth, followed by gut-wrenching scenes of muffin dehydration. Brought to you by the Earl of Hurl. Also playing at a theatre near you: Mold Cam I - The Night of the Living Strawberries.

Picture Taken Oct 25 22:10

Picture Taken Nov 4 21:10


For your viewing pleasure the following are the latest videos based on all the images taken since Oct. 25 1996.

[movie]Quicktime format ( 2493 Kbytes )
[movie]MPEG-1 format ( 1135 Kbytes )
[movie]SGI Movie format ( 4175 Kbytes )

Check here for Mold Cam I - Night of the Living Strawberries.

Inspired by SPAM cam.

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